Sukumaran Vaidhyar(Sivaji Guruvayur) is a well-reputed traditional ayurvedic treatments practitioner and lives with his wife Madhavi(Seema G Nair),elder son Susruthan(Samarth Ambujakshan), younger son Vedavyasan(Sinseer Mohammed) and daughter Anandhi(Miyasree) at Aickarakkonam. His in-patient treatments are done at a nearby ayurvedic resort, Ayur Home, where Hariprasad(Vipin Mangalashery) works as the manager. Pushkaran(Sunil Sukhada) is a money minded businessman who runs Indukala Medicity a multi-speciality hospital nearby, but his business is affected as more people believed in Vaidhyar,who used to charge only a meager amount for the medicines he used for treatment. Lalappan(Jaffer Idukki) offers financial support to Vaidhyar to pay off his bank loans. The incidents that happen afterwards takes the story forward.

A true family entertainer with many socially relevant messages discussed
Biju Majeed Director